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Hair Transplant Turkey vs. UK: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Hair Transplant Turkey vs. UK: A Comprehensive Comparison

A Hair transplant can be a life-changing procedure. Regaining lost hair can bring youth and confidence back to a person. Unfortunately, there are many horror stories and gruesome images when it comes to botched hair transplants. The good news is that failed hair transplants are easily avoidable. To help you have a successful hair transplant, Prof Clinic has outlined a comprehensive comparison of the two most famous countries for hair transplantation, which are Turkey and UK.

Let’s see together what is the best option!

Hair Transplant Techniques : FUE VS FUT

hair Transplant Techniques: FUE VS FUT
hair Transplant Techniques: FUE VS FUT

Modern hair transplant techniques have their roots in the mid-1950s. Conspicuous scars and unnatural results (the so-called “tuft” or “doll” effect) were the main limitations of the first interventions.

Since then, surgical techniques have undergone constant improvement, based above all on the progressive reduction of the sampling areas.

The most popular procedure until a few years ago consisted of the removal, from the occipital area (nape), of a strip of scalp which was immediately sectioned under a microscope and transferred in the form of micrografts to the area to be thickened. In this way, the hair transplant guarantees natural aesthetic results, reduced by the scars at the site of removal and the unwanted effects at the site of implantation (post-operative pain and swelling, loss of sensitivity).

To overcome the limitations of this method, new transplant techniques based on the removal and grafting of individual bulbs have recently been developed.

We have thus moved from the implantation of real grafts to the current mini and micro implants carried out with the aid of special scalpels made up of single follicular units (FU) which can contain from one to four hair bulbs.

For this reason, hair transplantation performed by expert hands represents – today more than ever – an effective, minimally invasive, and more accessible solution than in the past.

You may ask yourself which hair transplant technique is best for me FUT or FUE?

Let’s see the difference together!

Aspect FUT Hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplant
Procedure Harvests a thin strip and divides individual hair grafts for transplantation. Involves taking individual hair follicles directly from the scalp and implanting them.
Harvesting Count Yields about 3000–3500 hair grafts from a smaller region. Needs to eliminate two to three thousand hair grafts.
Indications Indicated in extreme hair loss cases or high-density hair transplants. Indicated in facial hair transplant and early hair loss instances.
Cost Typically, less expensive than FUE due to a quicker and less labor-intensive process. Typically, more expensive due to the time-consuming nature of the procedure.
Scarring May produce nearly undetectable linear scarring or circular scars with advanced techniques. It can result in minor, nearly undetectable scarring.
Shaving Shaving can be avoided or done minimally. Shaving is necessary.
Damage Rate is considered a safe procedure as each hair follicle is harvested separately. More likely to damage hair transplants due to the use of a punch device.
Time Required Takes between 5 and 8 hours. Takes between 4 and 6 hours.

Hair Transplant in the UK vs. Turkey: Things to Consider

UK flag vs. Turkey flag
UK flag vs. Turkey flag

It’s crucial to keep in mind that having a hair transplant needs financial investment and a lifetime commitment. It is crucial to locate the top country that provides excellent results at all levels.

 The best technique for hair transplant, clinic location, doctor qualifications, clinic reputation, and hair transplant cost are the most important factors to consider.

Aspect Turkey UK
Surgeons Due to the 84 million people living in Turkey and the growing medical tourism industry, Turkish plastic surgeons not only acquire more medical training than most of their international peers, but they also get to practice more. Patient evaluations of its surgeons, or reported outcome measures, have been gathered by the UK healthcare system. Despite this, the method allows for subjective evaluations of doctors while falling short of professional standards.
Medical Expertise There are 1.22 general surgeons in Turkey for every 25k people. One for every 25,000 individuals is a greater ratio than the global average. It wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that, from a social and financial standpoint, becoming a surgeon is a fulfilling career in the whole country in addition to the supervision of The Turkish Ministry of Health which rigorously regulates all hair transplant procedures. The GMC is the regulatory organization that governs the medical field in the United Kingdom and makes sure surgeons fulfill the requirements to perform hair transplant treatments.Since there are more than 100 hair transplant clinics in the UK, it is crucial to confirm the clinic’s credentials. Please feel free to look for the clinic on the websites of the CQC and GMC.
Hair Transplant Results Turkey has the advantage of success, quality, and assured results if these considerations are what matters most to you. Turkey has become the most popular destination for hair transplantation due to its exceptional blend of reasonable costs and superior results. Every year, Turkish clinics showcase their abilities and refine their techniques by doing hundreds of hair transplants. You can feel secure knowing that you’re in the capable hands of professionals who have a great deal of experience dealing with follicles. Whether you choose direct hair implantation (DHI), follicular unit extraction (FUE), or any other technique, you may rely on top surgeons in Turkey to produce outstanding results. Although hair transplants from the UK are known to produce good results, they can be more costly than in Turkey.
Safety Hair transplants are among the safest procedures for cosmetic improvement because of their high success rates and low risk of major side effects. They produce natural-looking hairlines that blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair and are also incredibly safe. During the appointment, your surgeon should look at your hair and scalp and inquire about your medical history to see if you are a good candidate for surgery.The success percentage of hair transplants is 97–100% in both countries.
Tourism Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists. This is because of all the benefits it provides, including

  • Affordable Medical Treatment
  •  High-Quality Medical Care
  •  Hi-Tech Technology, State-of-the-Art Clinics
  • No Waiting List for Treatment
  • World-Class Doctors
  • Hot tourist spots

Medical tourism According to data from Turkey, 6,42,444 foreigners received medical care there in the first quarter of 2021. Turkey is one of the top 10 destinations for medical travelers. Turkey is expected to receive 1.5 million medical tourists by 2023, according to USHAS. And we have no doubts that it will be.

The UK stands at number 10 in world tourism rankings.
Traveling and Transportation Public transportation in Istanbul is far less expensive than in London; a one-way ticket costs 40 pence, while it costs £2.80 in London. In Turkey, a three-mile ride costs less than £2, making them some of the least expensive in the world. Free transportation to and from your accommodation is included with tours.Traveling to Turkey is made easier for foreigners as the country has considerably less stringent visa requirements than the UK.

Hair Transplant in the UK: The Pros & Cons

The UK is home to some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. That’s why traveling to the UK for a hair transplant is so popular.

 If you are based in the UK, it’s more affordable than you might think to get a hair transplant. According to research about UK hair transplant costs, the average cost of a hair transplant in the UK is £4,820.

 If there are any issues following your hair transplant treatment, visiting your clinic is also a straightforward process. Aftercare is a key part of hair transplant recovery, so you must have the right support after your procedure.

Hair Transplant in the UK: The Pros & Cons
Hair Transplant in the UK: The Pros & Cons



  •  More costly than in several other countries like Turkey.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: The Pros & Cons


  • Compared to many other countries, Turkey provides a large potential savings on hair transplant costs.
  • The thought of getting a hair transplant in Turkey is particularly alluring because of the country’s affordable medical care and the excitement of seeing a new place.
  •  Modern amenities are found in many Turkish clinics, guaranteeing top-notch medical care.
  • Turkey has a wealth of skilled surgeons who have completed many treatments, giving potential patients confidence.


  •  Language Barrier
    The weak English proficiency of some Turkish surgeons and staff members could make communication more difficult.
  • Quality Varies
    The hair transplant industry is highly competitive, so even though there are many reputable clinics, not all of them maintain the same rigorous standards.
 Hair Transplant in Turkey: The Pros & Cons
Hair Transplant in Turkey: The Pros & Cons


Hair Transplant cost in the UK vs. Turkey

Far less expensive than the average cost in the UK, hair transplants can frequently be found in Turkey for as little as £1,500. There are a few reasons why Turkey hair transplant prices are so low, even though they can initially appear to be a good deal.

  •  Lower Cost of Living: Turkey has a substantially lower cost of living compared to the UK, leading to lower wages, which, in turn, results in more affordable hair transplants.
  •  Competition and Clinic Volume: Turkey has over 500 hair transplant clinics, creating a highly competitive market. This competition forces clinics to lower their prices as much as possible to attract customers.
 Hair Transplant cost in the UK vs. Turkey
Hair Transplant cost in the UK vs. Turkey

Why Prof Clinic is Your Best Partner for Your Hair Transplant?

At Prof Clinic, we are committed to providing personalized hair loss treatment and ensuring that this procedure is carried out correctly.

What do we offer you?

  • Experienced surgeons
    At Prof Clinic, your hair will be in the hands of experts specialized in hair transplants. Our doctors have considerable years of experience in surgical hair transplants and are prepared to find the best solution for you.
  • Natural results
    The objective of a hair transplant procedure is to acquire a natural appearance. Our doctors will evaluate your personal qualities and need to give you natural results.
  • No Visible Scars
    One of the advantages of the advanced hair transplant technique is that it is a minimally invasive procedure. As a result, the surgery leaves no visible scars.
  • Postoperative care
    Proper post-operative care is essential to achieve the best results. Your doctor and Prof Clinic’s team will remain available to help you and will monitor your recovery with regular check-ups.
  • Excellent prices
    With our comprehensive treatment packages, hair transplants are available at affordable prices.

What Does Our Hair Transplant Prices Include?

Our hair transplant packages in Turkey include all necessary services and accommodations for a smooth and convenient experience. We offer transparent pricing, ensuring exceptional value for your investment.

If you choose our VIP services, you will get the following exclusive benefits:

  • Exceptional Medical Care:
    Our team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals is committed to delivering the highest standard of care. From the moment you step through our doors, you can trust that you are in capable hands. We prioritize your well-being and work diligently to ensure your safety and satisfaction.
  • Flight Ticket Booking Wherever You Are:
    We understand that travel arrangements can be a hassle. That’s why we offer a personalized flight ticket booking service. Whether you’re coming from a nearby city or halfway across the globe, our dedicated team will take care of your travel logistics, making your journey to Istanbul smooth and worry-free.
  • Comfortable and Safe Transportation within Istanbul:
    Navigating a new city can be overwhelming, but with our VIP transportation service, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Our professional chauffeurs will transport you to and from your appointments, hotel, and any other destinations in Istanbul with utmost comfort and safety. Sit back, unwind, and let us take care of the details.
  • Luxurious Accommodation:
    Indulge in the finest accommodations during your stay in Istanbul. We partner with prestigious hotels renowned for their elegance and comfort, ensuring that your experience outside of our clinic is just as luxurious as the care you receive within it. Rest, rejuvenate, and wake up ready to embrace your transformation.
  • Translation Services within the Hospital:
    To eliminate any language barriers, we provide professional translation services within our clinic. Our dedicated interpreters will ensure clear and effective communication between you and our medical team, allowing you to express your concerns, ask questions, and fully understand every aspect of your facelift journey.


Why Turkish Hair Transplants Are Better Than UK Hair Transplants?

Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplants since the country’s medical processes are among the best, and because it is less expensive than the UK.

Does the Low Price of a Hair Transplant in Turkey Have an Impact on Quality?

The exchange rate between the Turkish lira and GBP, EUR, and USD is the reason hair transplant Turkey prices and other treatments are so low. The primary factor allowing you to receive a superior hair transplant and other treatments in a highly skilled clinic or hospital is your currency balance.

What to Look for in a UK-Based Hair Transplant Clinic?

One of the most trustworthy resources for locating a reputable hair transplant facility is the Care Quality Commission. To find out if the hair transplant clinic you’re considering is regulated, visit the CQC website and look for clinic names and registration numbers.

How do the costs of hair transplants in Turkey and the UK compared to other countries?

The positive aspect is that Turkey’s hair transplant costs are far lower than those of several European nations. In Turkey, these hair transplants often cost upwards of 3,000 euros. For instance, a hair transplant in the UK might cost up to 6,000 euros, which is significantly more than in Turkey.

Do I need to meet certain eligibility criteria for a hair transplant in these countries?

There might not be a donor spot from which to take hair if the hair is very thin or if the nape has insufficient hair follicles. It is also improbable that the patient will be advised to get hair transplants if they have an alopecia areata disorder or persistent telogen effluvium.

Are there any travel restrictions or visa requirements for medical tourists in Turkey and the UK?

Yes, In both the UK and Turkey, you could require a visa if you plan to travel there for medical treatment. Whether you need a visa will depend on your country of citizenship, the reason for your trip, and how long you plan to remain. It is important to research and apply for the exact visas needed for medical travel to these countries.

How does the post-operative care and follow-up process differ between the two countries?

Following surgery, patients in the UK usually go to the surgeon or other healthcare professional on a frequent basis for check-ups and to track their progress towards recovery. This could involve managing medications, tending to wounds, and, if necessary, physical rehabilitation. In contrast, patients in Turkey typically receive more hands-on post-operative care and remain longer in hospitals or specialized aftercare centres. This makes it possible for more thorough rehabilitation, faster access to medical personnel, and tighter monitoring.

Are there any cultural or language considerations when communicating with medical staff in Turkey or the UK

Yes, it is important to take language into account while speaking with Turkish or British medical professionals. Even though many medical workers in Turkey are English-speaking, it is still advisable to know a little bit of Turkish or have access to an interpreter, particularly at smaller hospitals. English is the major language spoken in medical facilities in the United Kingdom, but it’s vital to be aware that accents and medical terminology may cause language problems. Effective communication between patients and medical staff can be ensured by asking for a translator or interpreter when necessary.

Is UK a good place for a hair transplant?

Yes, it is thought that getting a hair transplant in the UK is an excellent idea. It boasts several respectable hair restoration facilities and surgeons, as well as a well-established healthcare system. Patients can anticipate cutting-edge methods and superior care, as well as stringent guidelines guaranteeing expertise and security.


There are benefits and drawbacks to conducting hair transplant procedures in Turkey and the UK. As previously said, the cost is one of the main advantages of visiting Turkey for most people, but there are other advantages that we discussed as well that helped Turkey win over more competitors.

Our deep conviction is that you should prioritize getting the best care and results possible, as evidenced by the care, experience, and total benefit criteria we have addressed in all the comparison topics.

The most crucial thing to do is to make sure you feel safe and at ease at the clinic of your choice by doing as much research as you can.

Evaluating the cost and quality of hair transplant procedures abroad is not always simple. However, having a partner like Prof Clinic on your side will mean that you can always count on our expertise and our transparent pricing. For a successful and reasonably priced hair transplant in Turkey, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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