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All Information About Facelift in Turkey, Surgery, Risk, and Expected Results

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  • All Information About Facelift in Turkey, Surgery, Risk, and Expected Results
All Information About Facelift in Turkey, Surgery, Risk, and Expected Results

Facelift surgery in Turkey

is a thorough analysis of the methods and techniques employed, potential hazards, anticipated outcomes, and cost of the facelift in Turkey related to them in order to enhance the facial appearance and produce both appealing and natural-looking results….Get Free Medical Consultation with Prof Clinic Istanbul the best clinic in Turkey.

Facelift surgery in Turkey - best Facelift in Turkey - Prof Clinic

One of the more popular plastic operations performed on both men and women in Facelift in Turkey is the facelift. This is done to remove the overt age indications on the face. and obtain skin that is tighter, younger-looking, and free of wrinkles and sagging. The goal of rhytidectomy is to tighten sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles. It is intended to improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

Facelift in Turkey As the face, neck, and forehead regions are tightened, this procedure is regarded as one of the most complicated face-lift procedures. Facelifts come in a variety of forms, each of which may be further split into two categories: those performed surgically and those performed non-surgically. Both categories are distinguished by their effective and long-lasting effects.
The ideal option to achieve more effective outcomes is a surgical facelift, particularly in cases of significant wrinkles in the elderly. Even yet, non-surgical techniques are employed to some extent in order to achieve positive outcomes and shorten the time between procedures.

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-Types of Facelifts in Turkey:

According to your goals for the procedure and the amount of skin drooping, there are two different types of facelift surgery in Turkey.

-1- A standard facelift (SMAS):

To address situations with moderate to advanced sagging, the surgeon will decide to use this form of Facelift in Turkey. It takes longer to do the surgery and heal than the other variety, but it is typically more complicated.

-2- The MacS Mini Facelift:

If your skin is just beginning to sag, your surgeon will advise this treatment. It can assist in treating aging symptoms before they deepen and become more obvious and postpone the requirement for a regular face-lift.

-3-Facelift on the top:

The affected areas of the upper face, such as the forehead, brows, and upper or lower eyelids, may be lifted as part of an upper facelift. Under the same anesthetic, both the upper and lower eyelids can be raised. Techniques for lifting the upper eyelids or endoscopic forehead lifting and suspension are used in the upper facelift. The forehead and forehead incisions are elevated via the scalp, and extra skin and fatty tissue are removed from the upper eyelid.

-4- Half-facelift:

Compared to a deep plane facelift. Only-Skin Facelift the area of our cheeks that is right beneath our eyes can be significantly affected by the drooping skin that grows as we age. We lose the volume and texture that help define the face as we get older. The endoscopic facelift is one of the treatments that surgeons utilize to address the impact of aging on the midface. A refreshing, natural, and long-lasting appearance is the aim. In our facility, the procedure is typically carried out while sedated and under local anesthetic. In an accredited private hospital, the procedure is carried out under general anesthesia in cases of extensive sagging.An incision that begins in front of the ear extends behind the ear and extends to the scalp is used to stretch the skin during a mid-face lift in facial plastic surgery. Because of the facial muscles’ tendency to relax and the sebaceous glands’ tendency to slip, the cheeks frequently shrink from their initial size.

This supports the necessity to inject self-fat or fillers into the cheeks and lower eyelids if the patient’s desired amount of fat is not available. With the removal of sagging skin, we get more consistent outcomes after determining the injection sites and volume of filler.

-5- Major facelift:

A deep facelift is a cosmetic operation for the face used to correct drooping skin, facial wrinkles, and facial aging. Patients between the ages of 40 and 70 who are concerned about the appearance of their cheeks, jaws, jawline, and neck are the greatest candidates for a full facelift since it addresses the normal results of aging.

Types of Facelifts in Turkey - Prof clinic Istanbul
Types of Facelifts in Turkey – Prof Clinic Istanbul

There are three steps to cosmetic surgery on the face:

-Making cuts and raising the skin
-repair of facial wounds and repositioning of facial muscles
-Microclosure procedures and wounds that restrict facial muscle movement result in practically undetectable scars. A refreshing, natural, and long-lasting appearance is the aim.

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-Preparations for a Facelift in Turkey:

Anyone considering a Facelift in Turkey procedure should take the following steps into consideration:
The patient will initially make an appointment for him at the hospital or clinic where he will execute this surgery. so that he might visit a plastic surgeon or a specialist physician. so that the physician may evaluate the patient’s face and precisely find any wrinkles or sagging in the face.
Making the appropriate medical examinations is the second stage. This is necessary by the specialized physician, and the physician decides many factors influencing the operation on the basis of these examinations.
These tests include a blood test, an evaluation of the heart’s activities and health, and the patient’s potential to undergo X-rays. so that his health status may be verified accurately, as these issues are crucial, significant, and have an impact on how the operation is progressing.
after the expert surgeon who will conduct the plastic surgery is done with the patient’s evaluation and any necessary tests. The choice of client type is made based on a variety of factors, including the type of procedure that best suits the patient’s health state.
Which differs from patient to patient, depending on factors including the type of skin—there are patients with oily skin, dry skin, and mixed skin—as well as the kind and amount of facial sagging.

Get Free Medical Consultation with Prof Clinic Istanbul the best facelift in Turkey, Istanbul

Prof Clinic Istanbul - the best facelift in Turkey, Istanbul
Prof Clinic Istanbul – the best facelift in Turkey, Istanbul

-Steps and Procedures for Facelift Surgery in Turkey:

Anesthetic: During the surgical operation, medications are given to make you more comfortable. You can choose between local and general anesthetic.

Anesthesia. The ideal choice for you will be suggested by your doctor.
Incision: Your facelift options include a regular lift, a limited lift, or a neck lift depending on how much change you would like to see.
During a typical Facelift in Turkey, the incision frequently starts in the frontal hairline, travels around the ear, and ends in the lower scalp. The underlying tissues are moved, and fat from the face, hands, and neck may be sculpted or redistributed.
Typically, the skin along the fine lines is reddened, the deeper layers of the face and muscles are also raised, and any extra skin is removed.
To enhance the aging neck, a second incision may be required under the chin. We utilize sutures or skin adhesives to close the incisions.
Closing the incisions: The wounds will be stitched shut with sutures, which may or may not dissolve over the course of a few days. Some surgeons seal the incisions using specialized skin glues. The facelift’s incision lines are adequately concealed once they have fully recovered by the hairline and the boundaries of the ear and cheek.
View the outcomes: Once the swelling and bruising have subsided, the results of a facelift are obvious. The end result may include giving you back a refreshed, more youthful appearance and boosting your self-esteem. We are at Prof Clinic with you every step of the way with the best doctors in Istanbul, Turkey Get Free Medical Consultation Now!!!

Procedures for Facelift Surgery in Turkey - Prof Clinic Istanbul

– Facelift in Turkey  and services provided by Prof Clinic:

Our internationally trained surgeons work with you to achieve the outcomes that come the closest to meeting your objectives.
Employing cutting-edge technology.  Thigh lifts with no obvious scarring.
Comprehensive patient-centered service; accredited hospitals.
Get rid of the loose skin on your thighs.
Younger appearance and natural results.
Budget-friendly packages that include your lodging, airport transportation, and a host who speaks multiple languages.
Contact us right away to learn more about these packages and to schedule a free medical consultation with a member of our highly qualified medical staff. click here

medical tourism in Turkey - Prof Clinic Istanbul - best clinic in Istanbul - Prof Clinic Istanbul


Turkey is distinguished by the availability of several cosmetic medical facelifts in Turkey outfitted with the most cutting-edge, safest, and most effective cosmetic technologies. These facilities offer a wide range of surgery and non-surgical cosmetic services with excellent quality and affordable costs. More individuals travel to Turkey for face-lift procedures from all around the world. Turkey has developed into the ideal site for cosmetic surgery and a vacation at the same time, at a lower cost of a facelift in Turkey than other European nations, as a result of its geographic location and global connectivity. The Turkish Health and Beauty Hospital is the greatest Facelift in Turkey for both surgical and non-surgical facelifts since it employs the most accomplished cosmetic surgeons and offers them the most cutting-edge and effective cosmetic procedures.

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